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The Montu Epiphany

Several years ago, I spent a day at Tampa’s Busch Gardens with a group of Master’s Commission students and local pastors. I learned a great lesson that day that may well serve me the rest of my life. It’s all about cutting edge and adventure—you know—the kind that pushes the envelope!
My previous experience with Busch Gardens came earlier in December when our three sons and their wives came to visit for Christmas. They are roller coaster freaks! No ride is too scary for them. I decided to bite the bullet and ride the ultimate thrill in roller coaster rides, the Montu—a suspended, upside-down ride that promises to flash your life before your eyes.
I do not like roller coasters—never have. They were all designed by sadistic people who like to make other people sick. Yet, there I was—in line to ride the contraption. I chose to ride back in the middle where it would be safe and all I would be able to see was the back of the seats in front of me—if I even chose to open my eyes at all.
As the ride started I tried in vain to recollect just why I was even on the ride in the first place, and why I felt this primal urge to impress my sons. Moments later, the ride was over and I was safe but woozy—oh so very woozy! That was my first impression of a cheap thrill and I was just glad to be on the ground again, vowing never again to leave my comfort zone.
Five months passed and I again found myself in line at the Montu. (The first ride must have damaged my memory.) A pastor friend told me the way to ride the Montu was in the front seats. “It would be like flying through the air,” he told me. So that’s just what I did. I had to wait extra long to get in the front seat, but the wait was worth the revelation that followed. I was a changed man! The front seat ride made the experience completely different than before. It was the same ride but I gained a different perspective. I was alive with a new sense of pushing the edge of adventure and couldn’t wait to do it again. This time, I didn’t just endure the ride, I actually enjoyed it!
I couldn’t help but think we treat life and ministry that way—safely situated somewhere in the middle where challenge is minimized. We opt for predictability and conformity with our particular comfort zone—insulated and isolated from opportunities that make us grow and gain new perspective. We endure more than we enjoy.
I determined to live life and ministry to the fullest. No more “middle-of-the-ride” seating for me! I want to sit where I have an unobstructed view of what the Father has in store for me and I want to enjoy life and ministry the way He intended—from the front seat.


I love this story! It reminds us to live a great life story! Thanks for this!


A wise person I know says, "I don't look back, I'm not going that way." She's 91 years old. So we might as well be in the front seat and enjoy the view. thanks for your thoughts. (I still can't do roller-coasters, but I get it.)


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