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When a Plan Comes Together

It is hard to believe we are already at the end of a decade. Time has a way of getting by without a chance for hitting the “pause” button and slowing things down a bit.

Hannibal Hayes, leader of TV’s famous “A-Team” in the 1980’s, immortalized the phrase, “I like it when a plan comes together.” His rag-tag team was short on respect but long on ingenuity. They could improvise, adapt, and overcome in any situation forced upon them by the writers of the sit-com. They always triumphed the cause of the under dog.

Thirty years of pastoring often made me feel like the under dog. Weariness and discouragement became familiar visitors to my world of duty and responsibility. I often wondered if God really knew about my times of weakness and despair. Surely, He would step in any moment and rescue me from my own myopic perspective.

Looking back, I know for certain that God keeps good books. He has seen every tear and heard every cry of every heart that has ever wondered if one’s present lot held any significance. He knows only too well that we will get to the end of ourselves and then cry out to Him. Our crying out may be motivated by pain or just plain ignorance of the master plan. You know what? He understands.

I’ve adopted a phrase that was inspired by Hayes' famous line from the 80’s. I like it when God’s plan comes together. Along the way there will be times when we question His moves and motives. We may even second-guess some of God’s “provisions.” He is never late, nor will He ruin His perfect record on us. Much of His plan remains hidden from our understanding until we truly need to know just what He is bringing together.

Here’s the kicker. Everything that has happened in our life and ministry is plan will remain hidden from us untiolHis has happened to bring us to this very point in history. Either we trust Him to bring about the perfect plan or we do not. There’s not much room to wiggle here. This is where our faith is revealed and where it transitions from theory to reality.

I fully believe that God has brought each of us to this pivotal place in history. We may or may not have a great heritage and a noble past. But, we have a future to seize and ground to take back from the enemy. We have decisions to make and visions to cast. As we look back on this time in our history five or ten years from now, my fervent prayer is that we have heard the Father and trusted Him to bring His plan together.


I love the story of the Underdog! God uses the "Unlikely" all the way through history...I think people forget that and think they have to have it all together. God meets you where you're at.

God's plan is always on track, it's great when it all comes together!


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