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"The Cutting Edge"

There is an old saying. It asks, "Why work hard when you can work smart?" We do not generally experience a loss of things to do. Appointments, schedules, tasks, commitments, etc. demand our attention and often drain our energy away from serving the Lord with all our heart.

It seems that when our personal ax gets dull we lose our efficiency and effectiveness. A sharp cutting-edge offensive yields to a maintenance existence that often robs us of creativity and growth. We spend time applying bandages rather than good judgment. A subtle relationship with the mistress of "second-best" robs us of our first love and clouds our perspective.

A personal inventory should reveal the condition of the ax's edge. From time to time we must inspect the cutting edge of our lives. If the edge is dull, we can continue to work at what we're doing, but with less efficiency and much more effort. While dealing with the topic of ministry effectiveness, Evangelist Benny Hinn once said, “Dull edges produce blistered hands, sore backs and bruised trees.” A natural application to this insight is that we can grow weary in well-doing and that we can hurt those to whom we minister.

Where is the fine line that divides a strong and healthy work ethic from a diseased and misapplied concept of productivity? If the truth were known, can we live with the demands we place upon ourselves?

The secret is in the cutting edge. It must be sharp and free of debris. It must be checked often for nicks and gouges. A rough file must often be used to smooth out a damaged area. Then the same surface must be exposed to the smooth, honing stone to restore its razored leading edge.

Frequent inspection of our life's cutting edge insures more effectiveness and less "down-time". The lack of joy in one's life generally characterizes the impact of allowing their cutting edge to dull. They use more strength to accomplish what was once easy. The joy has gone out of their service to the Lord.

My point of application is simply to be honest enough to submit to a personal inventory under the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps you can learn to "work smart instead of working so hard."

"If the axe is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success." Ecclesiastes 10:10


This is a great post! I love the practical application... thanks for the good word...


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