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The Heart of the Matter

Symptoms are often a window to something more dangerous. We can gamble with the odds or we can find out what the symptoms might reveal. A few years ago I had an important decision to make. Prompted by a tightness in my chest and motivated by a family history of heart disease, I decided to pay the doctor a visit. After several tests, it was determined that there was a slight abnormality that required an angiogram—just to be sure.

The day came for the procedure. I was amazed at the elaborate procedure for looking into a man’s heart—cameras and everything. As I lay there on the table, I could see the real-time video of what was taking place inside my heart. The doctors performed with precision and expertise. I had to trust them implicitly and place my life in their hands. All this because I listened to a few symptoms and decided to have it checked out.

Of course, you know what’s coming. You’re wondering when I intend to make this less of a vignette of my life and more of a spiritually charged insight. I admit, while laying there for the several hours the procedure and recovery required, my mind was drawn to several life parallels and relevant perspectives. I wondered what would have happened if I had ignored the signs of possible trouble and not made myself accountable to my wife, my doctor, and now, you.

I came away with a reinforcement of what I teach and believe about life and ministry. There are certain times when we have to allow God to look into our heart and reveal things that might be blocking His will. Then we have to allow Him to perform the necessary surgery on our souls if we intend to finish strong. Denial is a deadly form of pride that keeps us from enjoying the mercy, favor and care of our Father. Only a fool lives in denial, but a wise man takes action before it is too late.

Our lives and ministries demand that we live pro-actively—ahead of circumstances that could negatively affect us and others. We must allow those tests which not only reveal character, but shape our destiny. That is the real heart of the matter.


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