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The Seed of a Dream

A young student stood before his teacher's opened and extended hand. "What do yo see in my hand?" asked the teacher. 
After a brief moment the student replied, "I see garden seeds." 
The teacher paused, waiting for the student to amend his brief reply. 
Then he said, "Look again. What do you see?" 
The student's eyes lifted to meet the penetrating gaze of the teacher. "Seeds. Just some seeds," he finally said. "Nothing more or less . . . just some seeds." The teacher's eyes never lost contact with those of his young prodigy.
"And what would happen if I planted them?" he quizzed, attempting to draw out more than the student initially gave him. 
After only a brief moment, a grin appeared on the student's face. "Then that's where you'd really have something! That's when the seeds could become what they were intended to become," he replied, his grin widening. "You have to plant them for them to be useful. Otherwise, they will always just be seeds."

Every dream begins as a seed. Anyone can take something already developed and manage it. It takes a visionary to take the small thing and see what it can become with God’s help.

God delights to give us a small measure of something and watch us learn to trust him for the wisdom and insight to grow it into something of significance.

When we realize that the small thing we have has potential and opportunity for God to demonstrate how big he really is, only then do we understand the process of God’s development of his children.

He gives us things that have potential—seeds that can be grown into mighty oak trees—and expects us to be stewards over that potential. Every child of God receives the same opportunity to envision the possibilities and watch God demonstrate his awesome power.

We must have confidence, not only that he will allow the dreams he's placed in our heart to come to fruition, but that the pursuit of those dreams belongs to us as stewards.

Dare to dream big. After all, it is God who placed those dreams in our heart for a purpose. His design for our life manifests itself in the growing of those small seeds into something that pleases him and brings significance to our lives.