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Low Tide in Perspective

As we crossed the Tampa Bay bridge on our way to the airport, I noticed that the tide was out and the water had receded several hundred feet from the shore. Hundreds of birds flocked to the extended shore line as a veritable feast of creatures lay flip-flopping in the sunlight, trying to get to the water and escape their hungry pursuers. Everything has a purpose, I thought, as we continued our drive to the airport.

The scene was one I'd seen hundreds of times--low tide meant feeding time for sea gulls, herons and other birds intent upon keeping the balance of nature on an even keel. I'd never given it a second thought, except to simply note its periodic and predictable occurrence. 

As I drove, my mind would not let loose of the familiar scene. Then it occurred to me that God has chosen the simple things--even in nature--to demonstrate his ability to guide us through life. For instance, the tide is caused by the moon's gravitational pull upon the earth. As the earth rotates, tides shift around the world, and millions of creatures either get fed or get fed upon

The low tide demonstrates how an eternal force can have an effect upon our world. While it may be one way in which God shows his care for an infinite number of aquatic creatures, it represents only a tiny percentage of his involvement in his creation.

We all experience low-tide periods in our lives. The safety of the shoreline suddenly gets displaced by something outside of our control and we simply flip-flop in the newly inflicted discomfort trying to regain our familiar and safe surroundings. Life's low tide actually provides a balance only God can orchestrate into a time of growth and purpose.

High tide follows low tide. Up times follow down times. Victory follows adversity. Perhaps something outside your immediate sphere of influence proves to be detrimental to the order of your neat and predictable life. Whatever you are going through at this particular time is not permanent--it's just God allowing times in which your character is tested and your resolve to follow through is solidified. Tough times produce tough people

God loves us too much to allow comfort and security to rob us of the opportunity for growth. The secret is to understand the purpose of the low tides.
Nature's tide responds to the pull of the moon; ours--the SON!!


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