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Following a Fixed Point

My brother, Jon, recently posted some thoughts about the moral compass of our conscience . . . 
"It’s a moral compass that’s aligned with the true north of God’s own standards for right and wrong." 
I couldn't help remembering a unique practice I adopted a several years ago. As I spend many hours in board meetings and committees, I decided that I needed a reminder of an eternal value

I never will forget the first time I used this unique reminder. I arrived at a board meeting at about the usual time. Others were preparing their places at the table with an assortment of folders, computers and other gadgets. After I had my folders in place and ready for the meeting, I reached into my brief case and retrieved a small compass which I promptly laid on the table directly in front of where I sat.

After a short moment, I discovered an uneasy feeling at having to eventually explain my choice of "gadgets." I was sure that someone would say something, but the morning went by and nobody said a word. I remember the relief I felt at not having to explain. My practice continued for several years without a single inquiry. Finally, someone asked me, "Jim, why do you always have a compass on the table?" I had forgotten the uneasiness of my first few meetings when I was just sure someone would want an explanation. "Are you lost?" they asked, trying to bring some levity to their curiosity.

I looked across the table and started my explanation. The room was filling with board members following a needed break in the meeting. As we returned to our chairs, I could tell another board member was also curious but would never venture into the potential "gotcha" waters. Then another member tuned his ears to hear the explanation. "It is only a reminder that there is always a fixed point in the decision-making process. This little compass always points north--wherever it is--always north. We have a fixed point in Jesus Christ. He is always the same--never changes. We can always depend on Him to give us direction when we are lost. We deal with a lot of issues here and, I don't know about you guys, but I need to know there is a fixed point to which we can keep coming back."

That was all I said. Nobody laughed or inquired further. The meeting started again as I sat staring at the compass, evaluating my explanation. 

We need to know there is a fixed point in life. People easily lose their way as hope disappears from their once confident life. Jesus Christ is that fixed point and He will never point us in the wrong direction. We can depend on His unfailing love and guidance.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6


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