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God's Timing Pattern

One of the most interesting components of football provides a partial understanding of the providence of God. It is called the timing patternA wide receiver or tight end breaks from the line of scrimmage--apparently oblivious to what the quarterback is doing in the backfield. As he jukes right or left, he turns and BAM! There's the football. If executed properly, the timing pattern is almost indefensible, but requires BOTH the quarterback and the receiver know the pattern and willingly commit to making the play exactly as it was designed.

An interesting quality of the timing pattern also requires the thrown ball be almost to the receiver before he turns, finds the ball and makes the catch. Here's another interesting side note. The quarterback did not throw the ball to the player but rather to a place on the field. If the receiver does not execute his pass route properly, he is not there when the ball arrives.

God designed life to be a timing pattern. We can know what God wants us to do and where he wants us to be if we listen carefully to his daily instructions detailing the "plays" and routes necessary for being in the center of his will. We huddle with the Father and listen intently as he lays out the plan--not in some generic and general sense, but in a specific and deliberate manner that always produces eternal results.

The problem most encounter is simply a misunderstanding of who's calling the plays and what their specific function is to be. Can you imagine what would happen if a quarterback called a certain timing pattern and the receiver decided his own route was better? He would not be at the place on the field when the ball arrives and the defenders easily move in for the interception. Good play gone bad!

We find ourselves in timing patterns of life that demand our complete trust. Will God's provision be there when I need it? Does he know where I am right now? Does he know the struggle I go through to be obedient to his play-calling?

The weak link is never with God. He is faithful to execute the plays he's called in the lives of his obedient children. He has already thrown the ball--his provision--and it's up to us to be where it will arrive.