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Who Are You Going to Listen To?

My oldest son is an adventurer. He has climbed the 4 highest mountains on 3 different continents. His superb training and conditioning provide the needed edge to endure the harshest environmental elements on earth. He has camped in minus 40 degree temperatures and has endured the worst planet earth could offer.

His most recent adventure was climbing Mt. Everest - 29,029 feet.
While he was on Everest in April and May of 2011, he accomplished something only 3,000 other people have ever accomplished. He summited. While many thousands of climbers try to reach the peak, 99 percent of them fall short of reaching the highest pinnacle in the world.

He told me something I shall never forget. He watched many others begin the ascent but one by one, they decided to quit without ever reaching the summit. Just being on the mountain was enough for them. They began to listen to the voices that told them to quit. The voices said, “You are getting too tired. You might die up here.” He said he actually saw a man die on the trail to the top. When they die, they are left on the mountain, and he said he literally stepped over some bodies frozen into the snow and ice.

Climbing Mt. Everest takes about 60 days. Kyle said it was surprising how many people only wanted to say they had been on the mountain without ever reaching the summit—or even coming close. But he said, “Most quit because either they were not conditioned to even be on the mountain, or they lost the mind battle and started listening to others who were talking negatively and pulled their thought processes down with them. He went on to say, ". . . nobody who started talking negatively ever reached the top."

There are voices competing for your attention right now. How you respond to those voices determines how you will finish. Who are you going to listen to?

There are trials playing out in your lives right now. You might be entertaining the decision to give up and accept defeat. Who are you going to listen to?

Your sense of self-worth and self-esteem has been eroded by a relationship gone badly. You see no good in yourself or anybody else because you have believed the lies about the lack of possibilities. Who are you going to listen to?

The enemy of your soul wants to come between you and your promise. He’s injected thoughts of discouragement and doubt. Who are you going to listen to?

You are beginning to wonder if the dreams you had earlier in your life will ever come to pass. It was God who put those dreams in your heart and it is the enemy who wants you to give up on them. Who are you going to listen to?

The truth is, we condition ourselves to accept the worst in life instead of the best. We talk ourselves out of God’s richest blessings and build a whole theology around second best

Who are you going to listen to?


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