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Faith in Following

I recently had breakfast with my nephew, Marc. As we talked, he shared that the Lord had given him an interesting insight about his proximity to the Lord. He said, "I start out following the Lord each day, but often find myself on the monkey bars at the playground--forgetting my commitment to stay close to the Lord throughout the day."

As I thought about his statement, I was amazed at just how practical that insight was to our day-to-day living. We say we will follow Jesus, but we get sidetracked either by the cares of this world or the concerns associated with our life.

The bottom line is whether or not we will follow Jesus and let him lead our lives or will we find ourselves self-occupied with cares and concerns he's already taken care of? 

He said, "Follow me," not "Come stand beside me."

He wants us to trust him for what is ahead and to always be reliant upon his direction throughout the course of our life. 

The words, "Follow me," infer that he's moving--not standing still. He wants us to move with him to those opportunities and experiences he's prepared for us in advance.

Are you standing still or are you following him?


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